Ladysmith Days Kinsmen Parade 2017

“As the kickoff to another Ladysmith Days, the annual Kinsmen parade was more than what we expected,”

said co-chair Mike Sumpter.

“The last couple of years the parade has been smaller and smaller, so this year we were really pleased with the turnout of entries”.

The Kinsmen were worried earlier in the summer as the number of advance registrations was down and the club was even considering taking on another project to replace the parade.

Kinsmen co-chair Duck Paterson said:

“The club has been doing the parade for over 25 years now and it was getting a bit dicey. With so many other events on during the long weekend it’s tougher and tougher to get folks out, but this year the number of participants was up and we’re happy. On paper there was more than 35 entries and many of them had various components which really made it look great.”

Sumpter reported:

“The work volunteers put into their entries is very imaginative and we know it’s very well received by the spectators”.

Paterson said:

“Our goal is that the parade is to be as much fun for the participants as it is for the spectators, and this year I feel we really accomplished that this year!”

“Before the parade started first, second and third place ribbons were handed out… but we want all the entries to know that due to their time and efforts it made or a total winner for the start of Ladysmith Days”.

Finishing in the various categories is as follows:

  • Marching/dancing unit: 3rd place was Skillz Canada Marshall Arts, 2nd place going to the Fuller Lake Figure Skating club, 1st place to the Festival of Lights Drill Team.
  • Musical group: 2nd place the Gizeh Moroccan Shriners Band, 1st place went to the joint cadet band from HMCA Quadra.
  • Best float: 3rd place was the Celebrations Society, 2nd place was the Eagles, with St. Joseph’s School taking 1st place.
  • Commercial entry: 3rd place was Skillz Canada Martial Arts, 2nd place was 49th Parallel Grocery, 1st place went to Ladysmith A&W.
  • Comic entry: Gizeh Temple Shriners were 3rd while Festival of Lights came 2nd, and 1st place went to Maritime Society pirates.
  • Special car or truck: the Vintage Tractor Club won 3rd place, the Sticks and Stones Offroaders took 2nd (it had to be the dirt), 1st place was won by the British Car Club.
  • Kiddies costume: the Fuller Lake Figure skaters took the 3rd place ribbon, while Dahlia L’Heureux (from the Mustang Club) and Pooh Bear won 2nd place, 1st place was taken by the, “Birthday Princess”, Daphne Anderson.
  • Adult (theme) costume: the Ladysmith Eagles took the 3rd place ribbon, the Ladysmith Maritime Society pirates took 2nd place, and Muriel Copp in her Canadiana decorated scooter took the 1st place ribbon.
  • Animal entry: the Shriners’ “bear” took 3rd place, the A&W Great Root Bear was 2nd place, the Festival of Lights “donkey” was the 1st place ribbon.
  • “Neatest” antique vehicle: Harry Blackstaff, driving a 1958 Ford pickup won 3rd place, the 1933 Model T Ford delivery truck came 2nd, with Bob Walker’s 1964 Ford Crew Cab and ’67 Caveman Camper won the 1st place ribbon.
  • Best theme entry: the white 3rd place ribbon went to the summer Santa entry from the Festival of Lights, the red 2nd place ribbon was won by St. Joseph’s School, the blue 1st place ribbon was taken by the Ladysmith Eagles.

Paterson said

“We were very happy to have the cadet band this year, and for them to come down from Comox for our Town’s party means a lot to us. This year there were a few more entries from out of Town and the club believes this shows that more and more folks are getting back into having fun.”


Kinsmen Larry Adair wins National Founders Award

Long-time Ladysmith Kinsmen Larry Adair wins the National Founders Award for Achievement.

Larry Adair

In the picture with Larry are: Brandy-Lin Olson, Miss Kinsmen 2017; Jason Kelland, club president; Joan Adair, Larry’s mother; Larry Adair; Morgan McKenzie, Miss Kinsmen 2016 and Kara Olson, Miss Kinsmen 1997 and Larry’s supervisor at Black Press.

This program is designed currently to challenge members of more than 24 months to be active in Kin. Participation in this program is more than an award – it is a meaningful experience. A member may enroll anytime after the first year of Kin, and the program monitors involvement over a three-year period.

Kin Larry has been a member of the Ladysmith club for over 20 years and can be seen helping at almost every event in our Town.  He has chaired the Pirates Day Bullhead Derby, as well as the Ladysmith Days Parade and other club projects.

To become eligible, you must earn points by doing a number of things such as:

  • Attend social functions
  • Travel to other clubs’ meetings
  • Speak at a meeting
  • Work on a project
  • Write an article for the bulletin

Those are just few of the “safer” avenues to earn points. A member must first do the 7 mandatory items and after that the more projects/events a member accomplishes the more points they earn towards their Founders’ Award.

The purpose of this award is to encourage members to become involved in club and community activities early and often.  Larry was selected as Ladysmith’s Citizen of the Year in 1997.

Ladysmith Lightning Fastball

Members of the Ladysmith Lightning Fastball team show off their new uniforms that the Ladysmith Kinsmen helped to sponsor.

The Kinsmen members believe in helping young people to be able to participate in sports and a healthy life style.  The club assists many youth groups and clubs in the Ladysmith area.

Pictured with the Lightning players are Kinsmen Chris Saunders, Steve Dinsmore and Mike Sumptner.

Ladysmith Orcas

This picture was taken at their wind-up practice, for the summer, at the Frank Jameson Community Centre.  The Kinsmen are a great contributor to the Orca Swim Club and this past Kin Year, members donated $500 so the swimmers could get more training and more time in the FJCC Pool.

As one of the many youth organizations the local Kinsmen sponsor, we are very proud of the members of the club.

Kinsmen believe in young people getting involved in sports and other activities where it gives them a better opportunity for a healthier lifestyle as well as to use their minds.

Little League Scoreboard

Ladysmith Baseball Association

The Ladysmith Kinsmen Club donated an electronic remote scoreboard to the Ladysmith Baseball Association. The club purchased the scoreboard for $7,500 and then provided $3,000 to the Baseball Association to cover some of the cost of the installation.

Ladysmith Baseball Association

B.C. Hydro donated the new hydro pole to bring the power into Little League Park and two Hydro employees volunteered, on their time, to come down and dig the hole and set up the pole.

The Kinsmen also provided power to the Ladysmith Community Gardens so they could have electricity for their project. DC Installations did the bulk of the work as well Howie Davis volunteered to fix-up and clean the 10×10  beams to hold the sign. M.R. Richardson Construction donated the time and material to setup the posts and all the concrete was donated by Mayco Mix Concrete.

“This is the second time the Kinsmen have invested funds in a scoreboard for Little League Park. Ten years ago the club spent $9,000 to have a remote scoreboard installed but unfortunately the company went bankrupt the the club lost all the funds…  so now it’s second time lucky” according to club spokesman Duck Paterson.

“Our members are very happy that it has now happened and Little League Park now has more of a professional look for the kids to play on”.  Paterson said.

“What this community does for it’s young people is fantastic, and our club really appreciates the help we received on this and also to all the coaches, parents and everyone involved in working with the kids”

Kinsmen “Red Army” in Street Hockey

The Ladysmith Kinsmen participated, in strength, in the recent Guinness world record “Largest One Day Street Hockey Game” attempt on Sunday, June 4th in downtown Ladysmith.

Street Hockey
Complete with beer can pads!

Although dapperly-attired, the Kinsmen couldn’t make it past some heavy hitting in the semi-final game! Winning their first two games the members are proud of their stamina and perseverance in the face of great odds when the opposing team fielded a team of 7 players all over the age of 17!

The Kinsmen club was also one of the sponsoring organizations of the event and were really happy to see the main street lined with friends and families having fun and putting Ladysmith on the map.

(not pictured but played: Jason Kelland)

Ladysmith Secondary School Donation

Ladysmith Kinsmen Treasurer, Mike Richardson (left) and Club President, Jason Kelland, present a check for $2,000 to Ladysmith Secondary School Vice Principal, Liliane De Oliveira, and School Counsellor, Sandra Milne.

Treasurer Mike Richardson (left) and President Jason Kelland (right)

The funds were donated to help support the school’s lunch program so that students in need can be guaranteed a full healthy lunch while at school.

Nutsumaat Syaays Welcoming Figure

The Ladysmith Kinsmen Club recently donated $1,000 to the Nutsumaat Syaays Welcoming Figure project at Ladysmith Secondary School.

Nutsumaat Syaays Welcoming Figure
Kinsmen Treasurer Mike Richardson, Coast Salish artist John Marston, Kinsmen President Jason Kelland and Ladysmith Mayor Aaron Stone

The Nutsumaat initiative is a multi-phase project with students learning traditional weaving, language as well as local history and Stz’uminus culture.

The Welcoming Figure is, at present, being worked on by John Marston and students in the foyer of Ladysmith Secondary.  It is planned to have the figure finished by September and a special “unveiling” will be held at that time.