Museum Donation

Kinsmen Donate to Ladysmith Museum

Pictured are Kinsmen members Duck Paterson (left) and Mike Richardson (right) being socially-distanced from Museum president Quinten Goodbody (centre).

. . . .

Ten years ago the Ladysmith Kinsmen were approached by the Ladysmith Historical Society to see if they could help to build a wheelchair ramp for the Museum. They had been approached by some visitors who could not access the facility because of the stairs-only entrance. Almost ten years later the Museum folks have again approached the Kinsmen for help.

The lower portion of the Ladysmith Museum, as well as the window trim and the access ramp is in much need for a fresh coat of paint. After receiving an ask, from the Museum, the Kinsmen decided to donate $500.00 to the museum so that they could so their improvements to the Town’s museum.
The museum volunteers will be doing the painting, while the museum is closed behind the Covid curtain, the volunteers are making some changes and improvements to some of the displays inside as well as an entirely new exhibit as you enter the facility.

Kinsmen President, James Delcourt, said:

“The club is really impressed with what the museum volunteers are doing. The time they put into the museum, as well as the quality of the exhibits we have in our museum, are great.”

Delcourt went on to say:

“We were pleased to be able to build the ramp for the museum back then and we’re happy to again being part of improving this marvellous gem of a museum.”