Kin LaFF handshake

Kinsmen Donate to LaFF

The mission statement for the Association of Kin Clubs of Canada really means something to the members of the Ladysmith Kinsmen Club.

“Volunteer members impacting Canadian communities through service, leadership, fellowship, and personal development.”

That is why when they got the information from Ladysmith Family and Friends (LaFF), and the amazing fund-raising opportunity that the family-oriented community group has received, the local club knew they had to do something.

“Even with our own fundraising being really affected by the COVID-19 issue, we really wanted to help as much as we could,” stated Kinsmen Duck Paterson. “For LaFF to be able to get four dollars for every dollar they could fundraise, through their Community Association drive,” Paterson said, “We felt we could put in $2,000 as that would turn into $10,000 for them. The great gesture by Fred and Karen Green is amazing,” he said. “When our club and Rotary were spearheading the new playground at Transfer Beach, the Greens stepped forward and donated the funds to complete that project, which is a great amenity for our community.”

The local Kinsmen Club is a strong believer in family, as they have spearheaded projects such as Brown Drive, Root Street, as well as Transfer Beach playgrounds. They were also the original sponsors of the Ladysmith Boys and Girls Club as well as the driving force behind the spray park at Transfer Beach.

The club also pays the annual cost of having the portable toilet on the Holland Creek Trail as well as having constructed the gazebo/bathrooms on the Trail at Methuen Street.

“We want folks to know that Ladysmith is a great place to bring up a family as well as a great place to retire to and bring family to visit” Paterson said, “having and active community with family amenities is very important.”

The Ladysmith Kinsmen are issuing a challenge to all Ladysmith and are clubs and organizations, as well as businesses, to donate to LaFF so they can reach their $25,000 goal.

“We’re not expecting them to match what the Kinsmen have donated”, Paterson said, “but we’re hoping that they do donate something. Everything they donate will be multiplied by four dollars, so now is the time to get on board so that Ladysmith Family and Friends can continue to do the amazing work and programs they have for young learners as well as families”.

The Ladysmith Kinsmen are still working on their own fundraising so that, with the help from the community, they can build public washrooms in downtown Ladysmith.

“We are still working on this end of the fundraising for that project but seeing the opportunity LaFF has been offered we knew we had to go there as well,” Paterson stated. “The public washrooms, at a cost of approximately $80,000 is still on the burner and we will get there. At this time we have almost $55,000 in the Credit Union, for the bathrooms and we’re going to make it. Covid hasn’t helped our fundraising but we will do it.”

Paterson went on to say:

“If folks want to donate to this needed amenity they can call me at 250-245-2263 or donate at the Ladysmith & District Credit Union into the Ladysmith Kinsmen Public Washroom account”.