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National President visits Ladysmith

Association of Kin Clubs of Canada National President visits Ladysmith

The Ladysmith Kinsmen had a very special guest come to visit on Friday, Jan. 19th. On only her third trip at National President of the Association of Kin Clubs of Canada, Terri MacCannell, wanted to make sure she made a stop in Ladysmith. MacCannell said:

“I wanted to make a trip to Vancouver Island, during my term which is ending this coming July. Vancouver Island has a history of strong Kinsmen fellowship and the Ladysmith club’s name is well known in our association so it made sense that my brief visit should be here.”

MacCannell only had the day to visit the South Island, she said and it seemed a central location to have all the Island clubs meet here for a brief meeting and social.

Kin president

MacCannell was given a tour of the Ladysmith club’s accomplishments from the past few years, by Kin Larry Adair as well as District Past Governor, Scott Wood, from Victoria.

The Island was represented, on Friday, by Kin members from Victoria, Juan de Fuca, Duncanc, Lake Cowichan, Nanaimo, Port Alberni and the Comox Valley. MacCannell, who has been a member of the Calgary Kin for 22 years said:

“With my years on various District and National boards, the Ladysmith Kinsmen always seem to be doing something that is large and noteworthy and recognized by the community. As well it’s noticed by our National Board, so I really wanted to see it for myself…. And it’s all true”.

Ladysmith is a beautiful town in a great location and to see what our members here have done really makes me proud.

Kin president

While in Ladysmith the various clubs held a meeting to see how they all can work and participate in the Kinsmen National Kinvention that will be held in Nanaimo in August 2019.

Festival of Lights Kinsmen Parade 2017

This year, 2017, was the 30th anniversary of the famous Ladysmith Festival of Lights. Again, a very small community event that started as an opportunity to bring locals downtown to see the stores they have in their community, before they went to the “big city” to go shopping… and the first Light Up in 1987 managed to bring 500 people down to see a few decorations and three cross street stringers.

Light Up 2017

In 1992, the Ladysmith Kinsmen were asked to sponsor a parade for Light Up. The event had started to grow and the organizers thought a parade would probably be the piece that would make Light Up famous and the five to seven thousand people it attracted annually would be as large as it would get so let’s try and add highlights to it.

What started as a couple of school quartets and a local food store “float”, in 1992, has turned into the largest Christmas parade in B.C. This past November 30th saw OVER 100 entries into the parade! The entries ranged from 4×4 trucks with lights to dancers, to Hydro trucks totally covered with lights to the Vancouver Island University having over 200 students dancing and singing to an actual running cement truck covered in over 75,000 coloured lights to almost everything in between!

Light Up 2017

According to parade chairs, Kinsmen Mike Sumpter and Duck Paterson, it takes us about 10 hours to organize on paper, get all the entries mailed and then as they come in start selecting where we would position them. Sumpter said “Ladysmith wasn’t built for parades, especially something like this one. Built on a very hilly part of the Island we don’t have a lot of room to line up the floats and stuff!” He went on to say “with Light Up always being on the last Thursday of November it’s kinda hard to get members here on time to help organize. Lots of guys work till 4 or 5 and getting back into town is really really tough.”

Paterson, who has also been a member of the Light Up committee for 28 years, says “the highway leading into town, both north and south, comes to a snail’s pace around 4 in the afternoon as folks start coming. We even get bus loads from the mainland.”

Light Up 2017

“The club has to close off 4 side streets in order to get all the entries in some sort of a line up, and then we still get jammed up” stated Sumpter. “It takes our whole club and then even their families and friends to help make sure it goes off without a hitch”, he said.

Paterson said, “Mike’s wife, Marie, is a godsend for us. We look good, but Marie does a lot behind the scenes and really does a huge amount of the paper work”.

When we were first asked to do the parade we figured it was a goofy idea… Who has a parade at the end of November out here??? It rains all winter” Paterson said. “Well in fact, for the 25 years the club has done the parade we’ve only had five nights where it’s rained” he went on to say.

Sumpter said “Probably the biggest event on Light Up Night is when Santa turns on all the lights (over 250,000) in Town but the Kinsmen Parade has become a very HUGE part of the entire family evening that is wrapped up by an amazing fireworks show”.

The Ladysmith Kinsmen have been a very large part of Light Up as it was the Kinsmen that built the building that houses all the lights and decorations. In fact 5 years later they added and additional 36 feet to the building, which is now 48 feet by 90 feet. It was also the Kinsmen that did all the infrastructure work to get lights and an angel into the “Chuck Perrin Memorial Tree” which is a 110 foot tall Douglas Fir that has over 15,000 lights in it!

Light Up 2017

According to Sumpter “The Ladysmith Kinsmen like to think that we have been a part of the success of this amazing family event! Ladysmith is famous for it’s Light Up and knowing that we have been there from almost the beginning is a huge feather in the Kin hat.”

Light Up 2017

Light Up 2017 attracted over 30,000 people to Ladysmith (which has a population of 8,500) and over the eight weeks that the lights are up it’s estimated that a further 125,000 people visit Ladysmith to see the lights.

Kinsmen “Red Army” in Street Hockey

The Ladysmith Kinsmen participated, in strength, in the recent Guinness world record “Largest One Day Street Hockey Game” attempt on Sunday, June 4th in downtown Ladysmith.

Street Hockey
Complete with beer can pads!

Although dapperly-attired, the Kinsmen couldn’t make it past some heavy hitting in the semi-final game! Winning their first two games the members are proud of their stamina and perseverance in the face of great odds when the opposing team fielded a team of 7 players all over the age of 17!

The Kinsmen club was also one of the sponsoring organizations of the event and were really happy to see the main street lined with friends and families having fun and putting Ladysmith on the map.

(not pictured but played: Jason Kelland)

Eggs Benefit 3 Raises $2,900

On Sunday, June 14th, the Oceanview Community Church  once again hosted the Eggs Benefit 3 event. This year, all proceeds went towards the Transfer Beach Playground upgrade.

Peet Klopper (below right) from Oceanview Community Church presented Kinsmen Secretary Jason Kelland with a check for $2,900.  There were over 20 “celebrity” chefs cooking omelettes for donations to the playground.  There were over 400 omelettes made!

Jason and Oceanview Church
Jason Kelland and Peet Klopper

Eggs Benefit 3