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Yellowpoint Lodge Donates $1,000

Richard Hill, from Yellowpoint Lodge, made a generous donation of $1,000 to the new Transfer Beach Playground.

Yellowpoint Lodge donation
Chanel Dwinnell and Richard Hill


Yellowpoint LodgeYellowpoint Lodge and the Hill family were very generous supporters of the playground that the Kinsmen built two years ago at Brown Drive Park. Richard was so impressed by the amount of work as well as the enthusiasm the Kinsmen and volunteers showed he said he wanted to see that continue.

Having great family attractions helps the entire area Hill said, and being done by volunteers is truly community.

In the picture accepting the $1,000 check is Chanel Dwinnell, the Ladysmith Kinsmen candidate in the Ladysmith Ambassador Program.

Meet the Meat Freezer Winner

The Ladysmith Kinsmen wish to congratulate Linda Wicklund … who won the “freezer full of meat” raffle the Kinsmen had to raise funds for the new Transfer Beach Playground. The draw was held on Wednesday, December 17th, 2014.

Linda, and her husband Greg, are residents of Ladysmith are residents of Ladysmith.

Linda Wicklund
Linda Wicklund

The Ladysmith Kinsmen also wish to thank the folks at Ladysmith Home Hardware for supplying the freezer and to Paul Bouma, of Bouma Meats in Ladysmith, for supplying the meat. The raffle raised over $2,200 to go towards the Transfer Beach Playground project.

The members of the Kinsmen, as well as their partners the Rotary Club, hope to have the necessary $175,000 raised by June 30th, 2015.